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No-Kill* Privately Funded* Not-For-Profit* State-Licensed (#13839)

Click HERE for the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture Licensee Lookup

 (312) 505-1471 12-5pm Mon-Fri (phones are answered by volunteers, and are subject to availability)
For a rapid response, email  

 Saturday, November 1st
(If you have an approved application on file and you see a specific pet you are interested in adopting, reservations for our event can be requested for 6pm or 7pm Saturday via EMAIL to DogsFromMars@aol.com)
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1206 W. Dundee Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

We need your support! Please click the link below to see how you can help our no-kill adoption program!

Where is our shelter located and where do our animals come from?

Our shelter is located in southern Illinois, near Carbondale, home of Southern Illinois University, about 6 hours south of Chicago, and our events are held in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove.
It is a small, privately owned (not funded by government) shelter that houses the animals in our adoption program between events. We work with rural humane societies and animal control facilities that are over-crowded, or where animals may face euthanasia, to find as many homes for rescued pets as possible...(click here to read more)
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Emmie and Sophia2Meet Emmie Lou!
Emmie Lou is a sweet, spunky 9 month old Puggle that is looking for a loving home. She is great with cats. kids and other dogs, and would make a great addition to any family.  Please click on the "Available Animals" link below to view her profile, along with other available animals.  If you are considering adopting a rescued pet, please consider an older puppy or adult dog. They often times get passed up for younger puppies in adoption programs, but they are some of the most WONDERFUL pets!

Click on one of the icons below for more information on these popular topics.

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Puppy Wellness ExamAttention: adopters, potential adopters, and pet lovers!
MARS is looking to offer recommendations of vet clinics in the Chicago area, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.
We are specifically interested in vet clinics that have friendly and knowledgeable staff, offer reasonable pricing (or discounts for adopters of rescued pets, which is obviously a plus), and promote the spaying or neutering of companion animals and rescued pets.

So, if you have a vet that outshines the rest, tell us about it at DogsFromMars@aol.com

MARS Adoption Fees & What They Cover
When you adopt a pet from any rescue organization, it is important to know what is included in the adoption fee. While there is no state requirement for an Illinois rescue to provide a quarantine (hold) period or vaccinations, MARS pets get as much care as possible prior to adoption. Please click HERE to see everything that is included in our adoption fee.

Would you like to share an update about your MARS pet? CLICK HERE to sign our Guestbook, and tell us all about your MARS addition!

Message From: Anita and Steve
April 7th, 2014
We adopted Gracie (new name Ivy) on Saturday. We couldn't be happier. She is the sweetest puppy! Thanks you M.A.R.S. for always answering my questions along the way and keeping in contact with us as the big day approached. This was our first adoption from a rescue shelter. It was pleasurable experience. You are all wonderful for what you do!

Message From: Mark and Tanya
March 16th, 2014

We adopted Belle, formerly Wish about 3 weeks ago. She has made herself at home, loves to run in our yard and play with our other dog. She's a perfect fit for our family!!

Message From: Ryan and Haley
January, 22nd 2014

we adopted dina, a boxer bulldog mix puppy and we love her, and she loves us! we will send pictures soon! thank you!

 Sign our Guestbook and share your MARS pet's story!

Message From: Amanda
August 18, 2013 
We are so thrilled to have Taleetha, know to M.A.R.S. as Lily. We adopted her on Sat. Aug. 17th. She's been a perfect little lady,well.. almost ; ) only two accidents, she slept all night without a whimper. She's cute, sweet, and her name means: little girl in Hebrew! Thank you so much for finding her for our family, we simply love her!

Message From: Lindsay & Mike 

August 14, 2013 
A million thanks for our little Opie, originally Roscoe. He is a very goofy and cuddly pup. We appreciate everything you guys do and Opie does too! 

Message From: Heather 
August 14, 2013 
We completed our family by adding Zena, now named Lucy, to our family on Sunday Aug. 11th. Lucy has been a complete sweetheart and really adjusted to our family perfectly. She has two older siblings Sox and Maggie that she really has clicked with and she looks to them for proper behavior in our house. She is always by myself, my husband's, or our dog Sox's side and is just a constant tail wagging. Our dogs are adjusting to each other quicker than I could imagine! Thank you M.A.R.S. for taking such great care of Lucy before we got her and helping us complete our family! 

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Arnett Animal Hospital


Creatively Caring



Creatively Caring promotes a spirit of community through hands-on family service projects that help people, animals and the environment.

Creatively Caring loves to put a creative twist on everything we do.  We offer

many ways for you to get more involved in creating a strong and spirited community. 

Click here to visit Creatively Caring's website!


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Each year, thousands of animals are abused and neglected by cruel owners. If you see an animal that is in need of assistance, contact your local animal control, ASPCA, or humane society immediately! Be the voice for those who cannot speak.


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  Emmie Lou
Emmie Lou is a Pug/Chihuahua mix that is looking for a loving home to call her own. She has the endearing underbite of a Pug, but the body type of a Chihuahua and is around 17lbs currently. She can be...read more about Emmie Lou
Mimi is a rough and tumble little girl.  She is  orange and black tiger with a lite dusting of black, short hair. She has a cute round belly.  She loves to sit on your lap while her fro...read more about Mimi
Meet Bootsie!Bootsie is an adorable, playful, and loving little kitty that is looking for a fur-ever family to call her own. She loves to play with other cats, chase toy mice, and take long naps in th...read more about Bootsie
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ADOPTION EVENT -- Saturday November 1st, 2014

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